We are a small company. Really small. Actually so small we think we have schizophrenia. But we feel good about it.

We specialize in Data Centers and networking. Fibre Channel, FCoE, iSCSI, Nexus, MDS, UCS, TLAs, lasers, frozen pizzas, what women think, you name it. Sometimes we teach, sometimes we touch stuff. It's all about proportions.

We think that world is full of so-called preachers that have no idea what Data Center is all about. We will correct some of long-lived myths (see Articles section).

We don't believe in big corporations and working for those. (but we kinda do)

And now we have a website.

And we have a plan.

For sales enquiries: world_domination@greatcornholio.com

For technical stuff: lake_titicaca@greatcornholio.com

And if you just want to send us your naked pics: pluszowykróliczek@greatcornholio.com

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